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About The Board

The Pointes HOA

The Pointes of Plantation Point Homeowners Association is governed by a board of elected volunteers who are responsible for maintaining and managing the community. The HOA board is composed of homeowners who have been elected by their peers to serve the community

The board’s main responsibility is to ensure that the community runs smoothly and efficiently. They oversee the management of common areas, enforce the covenants, adhere to the by-laws.

Have question? Check out our HOA FAQ section.

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Our Board Members

The board members are committed to serving the community and making The Pointes of Plantation Point a great place to live.

Board Officers

Dougal Kear



Eric Kinney

Vice Chair/Covenants


Andy Bryne



Dorothy Kincaid



Cynthia Longworth

Architectural Review


Faguison Lima

At Large/Special Projects


Deb Geiger

Landscaping & Beautification


HOA Questions

  • What is the role of the HOA?

    The HOA is responsible for managing and maintaining the common areas and amenities of the community, enforcing the community covenants, adhering to the by-laws and managing the community's finances. 

  • What are the community rules and regulations?

    The HOA covenants ensure that all residents are able to enjoy the community and that property values are protected. The rules cover topics such as trailers, garbage cans, parking, pets, noise, and property maintenance. Please refer to the community covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs) for more information.

    Click here to view our governing documents. 

  • How can I report a violation of the community rules?

    If you observe a violation of the community rules, please contact the Property Manager, Susan Wagner at or by phone at 803-758-1066.

  • How are HOA fees determined?

    HOA fees are determined based on the budget approved by the Board of Directors, which takes into account the cost of operating and maintaining the community's common areas and amenities, as well as any necessary repairs or improvements. 

  • What is the process for making architectural changes to my property?

    Any modifications to the exterior of your property require prior approval from the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). Please fill out an Architectural Request Form , which can be found here, in the HOA resources section of the William Douglas homeowner portal. You may also get in touch with our ARC committee board member to help you with the process or you may also do submit the request through the William Douglas Property Management Portal .  

  • How do I access the William Douglas homeowner portal?

    The William Douglas homeowner portal can be accessed by visiting (click here). Within the portal, you can pay HOA fees, view community documents, and submit architectural request forms. 

  • How can I get involved in the HOA?

    We welcome community involvement and encourage residents to attend HOA meetings and volunteer for committees. Please contact the Property Manager, Susan Wagner, if you are interested in getting involved. 

PPOA Board Activities

No event found!

Interested in serving on the board?

There are opportunities to get involved. The board holds regular meetings, and homeowners are always welcome to attend. Additionally, there may be openings on the board from time to time, and homeowners can nominate themselves or others for these positions.

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