The Pointes of Plantation Pointe


Mailbox Standard



Mailbox systems and components were purchased from the manufacturer, Addresses of Distinction (AOD). Here are the contact details for AOD:

Addresses of Distinction
2115 Hills Ave NW
P.O. Box 250587
Atlanta, GA 20138
Atlanta, GA 30325
Phone: (770) 436-6198 or (800) 436-1647
Fax: (404) 393-9614


To obtain a new mailbox or replacement spare parts, please contact the PPPOA Chairperson or email


The PPPOA made a volume purchase of mailbox systems from AOD on 12/14/12. Additional units were purchased and stored for future installation on specific lots. The initial cost per installed unit was $308.73, which included the mailbox unit cost and installation fee. Units purchased for reserved lots did not incur the installation fee. A ‘Mailbox Coordinator’ was designated to manage the storage and issuance of mailbox systems and parts.

To ensure competitive pricing and availability, the PPPOA will make bulk purchases of mailboxes and parts as needed. Prices will be adjusted over time, and the PPPOA does not markup the equipment price. Reserved mailboxes are issued to Property Owners once their home is built on a lot, with no charge for the mailbox and potential reimbursement for installation costs.

Owners without a reserved mailbox will receive one mailbox at no charge and a credit of up to $308.73 toward the issue and installation of their mailbox. Any replacements or additional parts become the financial responsibility of the property Owner.


To maintain uniformity, mailbox systems, parts, and components must be obtained through the Mailbox Coordinator. Reflective gold numbering supplied by AOD meets required standards, while other numbering signs should not be used. Replacement gold numbers can be obtained from the Mailbox Coordinator.

All mailboxes, newspaper boxes, and posts should be black in color (RAL Paint Code 9005) and maintained with operable doors, unbroken hardware, and touch-up paint as needed. Damage should be repaired promptly to ensure compliance. Decorations are limited to holiday-specific items, with no permanent attachments to the mailbox or post. Flower beds around the mailbox are allowed but should be maintained and limited to the height of the decorative fluted base.


Mailbox systems must match the size and style of the Pointes of Plantation Pointe mailbox. They should be installed according to current UPS regulations, with clear access for delivery. Stakes, stones, or metal rods near the mailbox are not permitted. The bottom of the mailbox door should be positioned 41-45″ above the road surface, 6-8″ from the curb face. Adjustments can be made to ensure easier access, as suggested by the mail carrier.

For proper installation, follow these steps:

  1. Dig a hole for the post approximately 3 times the diameter of the post and a depth of about 1/3 of the post height, not exceeding 2 feet.
  2. Add about 6 inches of gravel into the hole.
  3. Place the post in the hole, ensuring it remains level and meets height and distance requirements.
  4. Pour dry concrete (80# bag is sufficient) into the hole, stopping 3 inches from the top.
  5. Pour water into the hole and mix according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  6. Allow the concrete to set for 30 minutes.
  7. Fill the rest of the hole with soil and tamp it down.

DO NOT DISTURB the mailbox system for 24 hours to allow the cement to cure properly. If you have any questions regarding the installation or location of your new mailbox, please reach out to the Mailbox Coordinator for assistance.

By adhering to these mailbox guidelines, we can maintain a consistent and aesthetically pleasing appearance throughout our neighborhood. Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring compliance with these guidelines.

Should you require further information or clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact the Mailbox Coordinator or the PPPOA Chairperson.

Updated on June 8, 2023
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